About Us

"We really are just two horse-crazy ladies!" 

Both of us (Cathy and Nancy) have been in love with horses and riding since early childhood, and are actual proof that it really isn't "just a phase."  We both took time away from horses to raise our families.  We both came back to riding and horses, barns, hay, manure, and all the wonderful and addicting smells in our late 40s/early 50s.  After leaving professional careers behind (Cathy - corporate, Nancy - legal) we realized that our work life and our passion for horses could be one in the same!

So, in the spring of 2017,  our conversation literally went something like this: "Hey... want to open a tack shop?"  "Umm...  YES!"  

Getting to meet like-minded equestrians of all ages and to "speak horse" all day to people who like to speak the same language - and helping them find just the right bit of tack, show attire, schooling apparel or the perfect gift for a fellow horse lover is beyond fulfilling and so much fun!