Black leather look equestrian riding gloves.  Brand and logo showing is Roeckl.

Roeckl Sports Grip Lite Gloves

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Roeckl gloves are popular worldwide throughout all disciplines and the choice of leading riders. Once ridden with these you will understand their popularity. A lightweight close fitting glove made from faux leather provides a sensitive feel on the reins with an excellent grip. Resilient and Breathable these are ideal whether you are a dressage diva or a jumping enthusiast.

A tab fastener with a Roeckl metal logo crosses the hand to adjust for a snug individual fit, giving you optimal comfort. The Roeckl name on the palm completes this incredible look.

Equestrian Riding Gloves, Why do I need them? For better grip on your reins while riding Prevent blisters Riding in Horse Shows and even protection against riding in the cold.